Hotel Tips For A Perfect Bed

How to have the sheets like those of a hotel

Ideally, the sheets are pristine: white, made of natural materials, and, yes, ironed. This last point is the one that makes the difference. The iron!

We give you a couple of tricks from The Home Academy:

  • If you are going to iron sheets and pillowcases, experts recommend “that they still have a slight humidity so that the ironing is more effective and less expensive”.
  • The most effective way to iron the sheets is to fold them in half and iron and continue folding, later, in half to the extent you want. The fewer the doubles the fewer marks it will have, of course. We remind you how to fold the sheets.

If we comply with perfect ironing and we put cotton sheets or even some proportion of silk, or exquisite linens, we will be right. Sheets between 200 and 400 threads per inch are the softest and most durable. White is the best color to offer the freshness and cleanliness that we seek in sleep. If it bores you, you can play with patterns, stripes, or contrasting glitter and mattes. In the image below, the brushstrokes are given by mint green.

The pillows, very fluffy

  • The quality of the pillows must be unbeatable, do not skimp on this point.
  • Before you buy, try many until they suit your spine, your type of sleep, and your needs.
  • If your tastes are different from those of your partner, each one should have pillows that cover their wishes. We recommend that you combine one or two large with several quadrants. Of course, all your covers are precisely ironed!

The size of the bed, better ‘king size’

You may not have enough space, but what makes a bed a hotel-worthy bed is its extra-large measurements. King size, that’s what it’s called. 

The headboard, in deco key

It is the bag, the earrings, or the lipstick of the look. There are upholstered, high and capitoné. Also, some ear types, which offer protection and shelter thanks to their ends forming a right angle. Or with a wicker grid, which gives a very handcrafted and natural touch. The pattern, the baton of the bedroom interior design, is in the headboards.

The ‘Hotel Corner’ method of making the bed

The process to not have a single wrinkle. A great way to avoid the wrinkled look that occurs when trying to fit the sheet at these angles.

  • Step 1. Open the windows to air and clean the environment.
  • Step 2. Separate the bed slightly from the wall.
  • Step 3. Start at the side.
  • Step 4. Tighten the bottom sheet (most hotels do not use adjustable bottom sheets, but they are normal sheets with enough excess to be able to tension them correctly).
  • Step 5. Then the countertop, from which you leave about 50 centimeters hanging over the top of the bed.
  • Step 6. Next, place the duvet and the quilt and the end that you had reserved in the upper part to place it on these last two layers and thus make the upper envelope.
  • Step 7. Place all the ends snugly against the bed.

How to wrap a gift!


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