Hot Design Folks Studio presents Fireplace by Bedrock in Singapore

Project: Fireplace by Bedrock
Architects: Hot Design Folks Studio
Location: Singapore
Area: 2,421 sf
Year: 2023
Photographs by: Marcus Lim

Fireplace by Bedrock wood-fired grill restaurant

Wood-fired grill restaurant Fireplace by Bedrock, a new culinary destination, has recently opened in Singapore’s One Holland Village, bringing to life the award-winning Bedrock philosophy with a classic, earth-inspired twist. This innovative venture by the boutique design studio Hot Design Folks, blends the simplicity of open wood fire cooking with flavors that awaken the senses, celebrating the essence of elemental culinary artistry.

The restaurant offers a multi-sensory dining experience, with meticulously designed spaces from a serene, greenery-laden terrace to a dynamic show kitchen. Each setting within Fireplace by Bedrock acts as a canvas for culinary expression, aiming to engage and exhilarate all senses.

A highlight of the restaurant’s sophisticated design is the grand floor-to-ceiling dry-aging showcase and wine display, crafted from the exclusive sketches of the designers. This striking feature symbolizes the studio’s commitment to functional yet storytelling-driven spaces.

Centered around an open fire, the main dining area immerses guests in culinary theatrics, surrounded by warm timber and patinated zinc accents that echo the primal nature of Asado grilling. The restaurant also features a semi-private dining space, veiled by a metal mesh curtain, offering an intimate ambience for special occasions, adorned with a bespoke leather art piece made by craftsmen in Bali and a distinctive brass metal pendant light by Paola Navone. Outside, a retractable canopy amidst lush planters sets the stage for authentic Asado-style al fresco dining.

The interior, inspired by Argentina’s robust Quebracho Tree which is used to fuel Asado woodfired ovens, weaves a rich tapestry of earthy tones and textures, from the warmth of timber to the sophisticated gleam of patinated metal accents.  The texture, color, and material itself are very tactile and seem to envelop the entire interior, with most of the wall surfaces finished in it. The special finish ‘rammed earth’ draws inspiration from the rings and palette of the Quebracho tree. This material was custom made for the project by Clayworks, London  based on HDF design.

The project’s authors encapsulate the essence of Fireplace by Bedrock, stating, “This establishment is more than a restaurant; it is a celebration of fire, flavor, and camaraderie, inviting guests into a world where each dish honors the generous gifts of the earth, all set against the picturesque backdrop of Singapore’s One Holland Village.”

-Project description and image provided by Elena Grabar Agency


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