Holiday Home in Corsica With Views of the Mediterranean

Surely many just by seeing the first photo of the terrace, the pool, and the views, you no longer need to see more of the house (lol). We would love to have more photos of the interior, especially of the kitchen, because seeing those of the living room and bedroom, the interior design and decoration are sure to be studied to the maximum respecting the minimal Mediterranean style, but that is what the original website shows.

Surely the most important thing about this house is the exterior, that is so, and it is that it is a privileged property, due to its location and direct access to the beach. This year, that our vacations abroad have had to be canceled completely, we will enjoy doing staycation as the Americans say, that is, enjoying ourselves as if we were tourists from our city.

And it’s not a bad idea, don’t you think? because you live where you live in Spain, all the places are special and in them, you can enjoy nature, culture, and gastronomy without doing hundreds of kilometers.

That everything is to help national businesses and to save lives, be very careful everyone out there, okay? Enjoy the spaces, but with caution and responsibility, that although we are healthy, we can ‘mess it up brown’ inadvertently.

And in the future, as close as possible, we hope to be able to make travel plans and visit places like Corsica, where this beautiful house is and hopefully we can stay in something like that. You enjoy Mediterranean minimalism!










Tags: architecture, exterior design, holiday house, home decor, interior desiign, residential architecture

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