Hidden Sliding Doors in the Interior

In addition to all the practical advantages, we like hidden sliding doors because they are not common and their design is very elegant.

This 81 mΒ² apartment would not be the same if those double sliding doors that connect the living room and the dining room, were hinged or ordinary. This type of symmetrical double doors needs more space in the wall for their installation, but in return, they are not only functional and practical but aesthetically they are much better, since the entire structure that allows their movement is hidden.

The owners of this apartment care a lot about the spaciousness and have decided to occupy one of the rooms with the dining room, surely they only need a bedroom, but it occurs to us that that room where the dining room is could also function as an office or office for those who they work at home, as a children’s restroom and playroom, hobby room, etc. The distribution of the rooms and space, you already know that it is something that depends on the number of inhabitants of the house and their needs, no decision is better or worse than another, since each individual has different lifestyles.

Surely the owners of this apartment like to receive family or friends at home, and having space for them to be comfortable is something important to them. The sliding doors help to connect the two rooms or give them privacy and in that white painted wood and moldings, it reminds us a bit of those stately homes of a couple of centuries ago, what do you think, do you like them?









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