Hercules Fitness by Cun FF Fang Fei in Kunming, China

Project: Hercules Fitness
Architects: Cun FF Fang Fei
Location: Haile World Shopping Center, Kunming, China
Area: 86,111 sf
Year: 2022
Photographs by: INSPACE

Hercules Fitness by Cun FF Fang Fei

Fitness is regarded as the embodiment of “progressive” concepts such as self-discipline and restraint, and gym is usually regarded as the physical training ground for contemporary people, who are looking forward to solving their physical anxieties and health problems in this venue to fatigue their body.

Hercules (Greek: Ηρακλής, Hēraklēs) is a legendary Greek hero and the immortal half-god with extraordinary strength, courage, wisdom, and skill. It is said that “he made the world safe for mankind.” Founded in 2021, Hercules Fitness has adhered to the business philosophy of “Sports, Life, and Warmth”.

CUN FF Fang Fei took over the design task of the tenth store of Hercules Fitness. Through communication with the client, the designer Fang Fei has an in-depth understanding of the business philosophy of “Sports, Life, and Warmth”, making Hercules Fitness a place to create a difference in daily life. It is another attempt to break the routine and ignite a new spark for design.

Exercise and leave blank for life

There are a lot of trivial things in life, and people are busy sending emails, meeting, making records, and eating. When we are too busy to breathe, we need to exercise even more.

Let’s move, detach from your surroundings, and leave space for your own life.

Designer Fang Fei believes that the space for exercise is different from other commercial spaces. It does not need too much eye-catching decoration but should return the space to the people who exercise, which should be controlled, rational, and reserved, just like sports. Therefore, the 4,500-square-meter sports space features minimalist lines, a restrained black and white palette, and clear functional divisions. All the design is based on the concept of “leaving blank”.

The 4,500-square-meter area serves as Pilates classroom, countercurrent swimming pool, free strength area, rest area, and multi-functional training room. Among them, the design highlight is the front desk and the ceiling of the free strength area where the geometric blocks made of profiled steel plates with a strong sense of shape transform the power and speed of sports into a concrete design language, creating a sports scene with great visual impact and spiritual power. The ceiling lamp built into the pure white blocks solves the problem of lighting.

In addition to the combined geometric blocks at the ceiling, mirrored glass can be seen everywhere in the space, which blurs the boundaries of the space and extends the vision.

Enclosed by high-transparency glass, the Pilates classroom has a natural wood floor and wood-colored walls, creating a friendly, warm, and comfortable atmosphere. The space is as simple, calm, and amiable as Pilates exercise.

Life with warmth

When exercise become a way of life, people will also gain a more active social field. At this moment, sports are not just sports. Considering the social needs of the younger generation, designer Fang Fei has set several “social spaces” in Hercules Fitness. In the multi-functional training room, black and white are continuously used as the main tone of the space, and the benches are specially added at the entrance side to provide a space for rest, waiting for friends, taking a break, or talking.

The semi-standard countercurrent swimming pool is an important part of the fitness space. Designer Fang Fei has made a rich layered ceiling design where the linear light is reflected in the swimming pool, making the water move and shine like a galaxy.

After exercising, it is the changing area. The 2-meter super-large whole wardrobe can easily hold large belongings and fit the wall perfectly, maintaining the sense of order in the space. The specially equipped self-service laundry makes guests feel a warm service.

In fact, it is not the first collaboration between Fang Fei and Hercules Fitness. Last year, Fang Fei designed the Hercules Fitness Gemdale Store. It is just because of the previous cooperation, Hercules Fitness has obtained a very clear and recognizable brand image, thus gaining more loyal customers with the same interests. Therefore, the Hercules Fitness World Store is a re-start on the basis of the Gemdale Store. Through the re-cooperation between the designer and the owner, the 4,500-square-meter Hercules Fitness World Store will carry more fit people and bring better fitness services. At the same time, it will also attract more customers, enhance the commercial value of the space, and promote more business goals for the owner.

-Project description and images provided by CUN FF


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