Hallways That Will Spark Your Love For Trim

Who says a hallway is boring? These 6 prove that thanks to the moldings, they are now more elegant, stately, and full of class.

1. You squander so much beauty!

If you thought that the hallway was the most boring room in the house, this is a good example of the opposite. Moldings and rosettes decorate its walls and ceilings, making the space more elegant, more stately. Of course, the herringbone parquet helps and gives warmth.Β Β 

2. The moldings can also be modern

Not everything is intricate designs if you want to decorate your hallway with moldings. There are also those with simple, pure lines that will enhance the elegance of the space without being too flashy. In this corridor, some friezes with moldings have been placed that give perspective to the corridor and fill it with personality.

3. If the walls could talk…

These walls and moldings could tell all the secrets of those who have walked them. And it is that if your house has them, keep them. If not, you can always install them yourself. Now there are polyurethane and polystyrene models that are glued with a special adhesive and that are super easy to apply.

4. Corridor with white wainscot console and glass door

Decorating with moldings is an art. And it is that they alone fill the space (more in a corridor) and, even, they can abuse the white to not lose luminosity. Look in this corridor where even the furniture is very soft tones.

5. On the ceiling and the wall

If you are looking for a sober, modern, and elegant effect, do not abuse the moldings. Just place an element halfway up and paint the bottom a darker color as wainscoting. Matching the ceiling, will increase the depth of the corridor and give it warmth.Β 

6. Cupboards with molding in the hallway

If you do not dare to put them on the wall, the moldings in the hall closet will achieve the same effect of elegance and class. So that it is not bland, add a hall rug, like this carpet that fills it with color.


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