Fondue House by Castlepeake Architects in Marrickville, Australia

Project: Fondue House Β 
Castlepeake Architects
Marrickville, Australia
1,506 sf
Year: 2022
Photographs by: Tom Ferguson

Fondue House by Castlepeake Architects

The Fondue House is a stunning, compact modern dwelling designed by Castlepeake Architects. This project is actually an extension and renovation of an existing dwelling in Marrickville in New South Wales, Australia. The completed project has just over 1,500 square feet of living spaces to offer, but the way it was designed maximizes the available space.

A small semi with a tall northern neighbor, the existing dwelling sought inspiration from beyond its boundaries to fulfill the client’s desire for natural light and an increased connection to their surroundings. Borrowed views presented themselves from the upper level to the canopy of trees within the street and over the densely planted rear neighbors’ garden. The alignment of the stair void proves a clear line of sight extending the length of the house and drawing light to the level below.

The sense of space within the house belies its size, achieved through the interconnection of spaces and relationship to garden areas. Operable shutters open onto tall voids above the stairs and kitchen, providing the opportunity for visual connection and casual interaction.

A lush garden can now be found where the underutilized side passage was once located, while a roof garden off the master bedroom provides a continuous vegetated outlook into the neighboring treetops. The addition of just 4 sq/m to the ground level extends the living space from side boundary to boundary, while the rear yard and side passage gardens are visually drawn into the space.

Materials chosen for their texture and rawness are paired with bold colors, while architectural detailing is imbued with a sense of suburban nostalgia.

Castlepeake Architects


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