Feng Shui in the Bedroom – Matching Tips

Sleep well and wake up even better! This is the main goal of using Feng Shui in the bedroom, whether it is double or single.

The bedroom is the most important environment in the house. It is there that you rest and restore your energy for the next day. And that’s exactly where Feng Shui comes in. This ancient Chinese technique of harmonizing environments helps to balance emotions, sensations, and sensory perceptions making you feel balanced, energized, and strengthened.

Really good right? Then keep following the post to learn how to get Feng Shui to work inside the room.

Feng Shui in the Bedroom: Matching Tips

Feng Shui and the Position of Furniture

Getting the furniture right is one of the most important things you can do for your room. Starting with the bed. This is the main furniture of the environment and its position is fundamental to harmonize the room and, mainly, to guarantee the quality of sleep.

So pay attention to these tips:

Do Not Place the Bed Under the Window

According to Feng Shui, the bed under the window is harmful to sleep, as it causes a feeling of insecurity and causes you to lose energy.

Do Not Place the Bed Against the Wall

This tip is very valid, especially for a double room.

The bed aligned or facing the door causes a feeling of insecurity and that at any moment you may be surprised by someone’s arrival. Another problem, according to Feng Shui, is that the bed in front or aligned with the door favors the loss of energy, making you feel tired throughout the day.

The recommendation, in this case, is to place the bed in a diagonal position with the entrance door so that you can see it, but without facing it directly.

Avoid Box or Chest Beds

We know that the box or chest bed is a great friend to those who live in small houses. But for Feng Shui this type of bed is not very suitable, because it does not allow the fluidity of energy, keeping the room stagnant.

The solution is to choose to store under the bed only items that you constantly use, such as bedding or blankets, for example. Avoid storing unused objects, as this contributes to further stagnating the energy of the environment.

This tip is true even if your bed is not a chest type. Do not accumulate boxes and other objects under the bed. This space must be free and airy.

Provide a Headboard

Feng Shui strongly recommends that you have a headboard on the bed. Preferably it is solid, made of wood, or upholstered.

The headboard is important to promote solidity and safety.

Do Not Use Cabinets With Mirrors

Let’s talk now about the bedroom cabinets. The biggest tip, in this case, is to avoid using mirrors on the doors, especially if it is facing the bed. Prefer to install the mirrors inside the doors.

Since the bed leaning against the wall can cause a feeling of “suffocation” in the partner who sleeps in that corner. The bed against the wall also hinders the circulation of energy throughout the room. It is also important to mention that the bed must not be leaning against walls where there is a passage of water pipes. They can compromise rest.

Feng Shui and Plants

There are people who are against it, there are people who are in favor. Feng Shui plants can and should be used inside the room.

The ideal is to use flowers and plants in pots supported on the dresser or side table, for example. Avoid hanging or climbing plants.

Feng Shui and the Mess

Let’s face it, you can’t relax in a dirty and messy room.

So roll up your sleeves and do that cleaning both inside and outside the cabinets. Donate what you no longer use, throw away what is broken, and fix what you want to keep with you. Do not accumulate unused and damaged objects, they represent stagnant energy and nobody wants it in the rest environment. Also get in the habit of creating and organizing routine for your room, including making your bed in the morning and collecting the clothes that are scattered around.


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