Female Single Room: See Tips for Decorating and Inspirations

Elegant, modern, or romantic. The female single room can have numerous versions and styles, you choose. But before defining what your room will look like it is important to pay attention to some details that can make all the difference in the aesthetics, comfort, and functionality of the female single room, especially if it is small.

Therefore, we list essential tips for you to hit the nail on the head. Come and see:

Female Single Bedroom Decor: Tips and Inspirations


It all starts with planning. So, take a pencil and paper and outline your room (measure). Mark the location where the doors, windows, and plugs are located so that you can think about the arrangement of all furniture and objects.

Then reflect on what you need and also what you would like to have in your female single room. The essential items of the entire room are bed and wardrobe (or a closet). Desk, nightstand, armchair, and side table, for example, are secondary options that you can add as needed and space availability. Always remember to take into account that it is important to leave a circulation aisle between the bed and the wall or between the bed and the wardrobe between 40 and 60 centimeters. After performing all that x-ray of the room, skip to the next steps.

Color chart

As important as thinking about the arrangement of the objects and deciding on the color palette of the female single room. This, even, must be one of the first stages of decoration, since they will guide your decision on the entire project.

The colors must be chosen from the style you intend to create. A modern and minimalist decor, for example, combines with a palette of neutral tones, such as black, white, and gray. For those who prefer modern and bold decor, you can bet on vibrant colors like pink and even purple.

The romantics, in turn, can count on the delicacy of the pastel tones that, even, match very well with a bucolic and Provencal proposal.

But if you prefer something elegant and sophisticated, the light and neutral tones can be combined with metallic details, such as gold and rosé gold, for example. It is also important to emphasize that basic rule, but that always works light and soft colors for small spaces.

The neutral tones guarantee the feeling of spaciousness of the rooms, valuing small rooms, in contrast to the strong and dark colors that can flatten and compress the spaces, especially those that receive little natural light.


Regardless of the style you determine for your feminine room, one thing is certain: the lighting should be highlighted in the project. That’s because good lighting brings comfort and warmth to the room, not to mention that it also values ​​the decor.

Whenever you can prioritize and make the most of natural lighting, highlighting windows and openings.

But also be sure to think about artificial lighting. Place lighting fixtures (either on the floor or suspended), spotlights, and LED strips to give that final touch to the decor.

It is worth remembering that the yellow lights are cozy by nature, while the white and cold lights are indicated for that moment when you need extra lighting to perform tasks.


The choice of furniture for the female single room can vary for two reasons: space and budget. In general, a small female single room needs functional and intelligent furniture, capable of optimizing space.

So, a good tip is to opt for chest beds and a wardrobe with sliding doors. If you have a budget available, it is worth hiring a planned joinery service. 

Carpet and curtain

And finally, to ensure all the necessary comfort for the female single room, the tip is to invest in rugs and curtains. The rugs are cozy and make the environment more receptive and warm. You can choose a single piece under the bed, for example, or choose a smaller model centered in the bedroom.

When choosing curtains, choose those with full-bodied fabrics capable of blocking excess light, so you can peel off later or watch a movie without being disturbed by the reflection of light. To ensure an elegant and sophisticated touch to the room, prefer long curtains, from floor to ceiling. For modern rooms, the tip is to use blinds or curtains that cover only the window opening.

Here are 9 inspirations for decorating a female single room and see how to put the above tips into practice:












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