Fantastic 8 Ideas for Small Single Room

Looking for small single bedroom ideas? So, come on! Settle in there and follow this post with us. We brought incredible tips and suggestions for you to decorate your room.

Small Single Room Decor

Rooms, like houses, have lost space. Nowadays everything is very compact and living in small environments has become a challenge. After all, you need to combine comfort, functionality, and aesthetics in the same (small) space. But is this really possible? Yes, of course, it is!

With the right tips and a good dose of inspiration, it is more than possible to set up that single room of your dreams. 

Bed, the star of the room

You can’t deny it: the bed is the center of attention in any room. For this very reason, you must pay special attention to it.

First of all, keep in mind the dimensions of your room and whether it is capable of housing a larger bed, such as a double, for example, or if you only have room for a single bed. There is no point in wanting a piece of furniture that doesn’t fit in space.

Generally, the wall used to place the bed is the one facing the door, although this is not a rule. Also, check the remaining space between the bed and the wall. It is important to have at least 60 centimeters of distance, enough space to make the passage and open a door, if necessary.

A good tip is to lean one side of the bed against the wall. In addition to freeing up more space, you still guarantee a feeling of spaciousness for the room.

How about checking out small single room inspirations now?










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