Fabulous Penthouse Between Vintage and Rustic Style

Do not be confused by the exposed wooden beams and the black lacquered wooden floor, this is not a country house, it is an attic in the city. This is one of those homes that at first glance seems what it is not, since for its aesthetics we would say that it is a rural home, instead of an attic in the center of a big city.

Like the houses in many cases, they reflect the personality and the tastes of their owners, because we already know that yes, it is possible to give it the air that most appeals to the decoration of our home no matter where we are.

That we want to give a beach air to a house in the mountains, it is our decision, that we want our house in the country to have minimalist Mediterranean airs because we can also do it, that we want our attic with boho and vintage elements that remind us of the cooks in the grandmother’s house because we refer to the photos.

It is clear that departing from the norm is the original, the daring and the interesting now, in these times when many of us have the same furniture made in series and that our houses are so similar. From this penthouse we not only like that rustic aesthetic so cozy, but also the distribution and lighting; the kitchen opens to the living room collects all the natural light possible from the terrace and the windows on the roof, and is a very warm space with all those textiles. 

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