Everything You Need to Know About Decorating Your Rustic Haven Country Kitchen

The coziness factor shows up in different forms, from cuddly furnishing details to an overall warm atmosphere. When it comes to our kitchen worlds, rural aesthetics often serve as inspiration, characterized by charm and tranquillity. Here we take a closer look at country kitchens in particular and how you can best interpret the style.

What distinguishes a country kitchen?

Plain and genuine are two clear keywords for a country-style kitchen. No detail feels overwhelming and the peaceful atmosphere is ever-present. Here old and new meet in a pleasant mix, from solid natural materials to robust solutions that harmonize well with the Scandinavian aesthetic and the interest in cherished details.

Which wall colors go well with a country kitchen?

In terms of the wall color, the country kitchen is forgiving. The starting point is often neutral, with various shades and influences from natural materials. On the other hand, a country kitchen is often inspired by retro environments and rustic kitchens, where moody colors and very yellow-brown variants are visible. Contemporary country-style kitchen solutions capture the essence of old and new in one setting – think wall colors in a nostalgic palette between neutral, sometimes more minimalist details.

Which wallpapers go well with a country kitchen?

We’ve already noticed the connection between country kitchen environments and retro influences. If kitchen wallpaper is your thing, focus on nostalgic patterns. Natural subjects stand out, from small flowers to vegetation, preferably with a small dose of green shading. For those looking to take out the curves, don’t be afraid to add sultry hues or larger prints.

What is pearl pontoon?

Pärlspont is an ordinary wooden board that is often used to add to the nostalgic feeling. Pärlspont can be seen in furniture as well as walls and ceilings and is suitable for all rooms in the house – including the kitchen. When it came out in the 19th century, the innovation was purely practical, aiming to seal cracks and hide visible wear and tear.

Good things to think about before decorating a country kitchen:

1. Always start with your existing kitchen and overall interior design. A kitchen remodel is often expensive, so strive for a sustainable vision that fits and feels good both this season and next.
2. If you want to add bead pontoons, remember that a spirit level is required. The key to a clean result is getting the panels fitted straight – hire help if needed.
3. Not sure if the style feels right for you? Don’t forget the importance of testing yourself. Start small with smaller details before going full-on.


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