Essential Tips On What To Eliminate From The Wardrobe

The feeling of opening the wardrobe and not even knowing where to start dressing, because everything is so messy and confusing inside, that you don’t even know what you have is much more common than it looks. Sometimes, it is difficult to know where to start storage and it was with this in mind that we prepared this article on things to eliminate from the wardrobe.

The clutter of the wardrobe makes you lose a lot of time when choosing the looks of the day and also causes stress and frustration mixed with that feeling of having nothing to wear, even with a closet full of pieces.

Things to eliminate from the wardrobe: 4 essential tips for your storage

The first step to having a tidier and more functional wardrobe is to be in the mood to clean it! Set aside time in your routine especially to dedicate yourself to cleaning your cabinets and follow the tips below.

1. Empty the entire wardrobe


Yea! The first thing you will do to start your storage is to take all your clothes out of the closet. This way, you will be able to analyze piece by piece and identify things to eliminate from the wardrobe.

So courage! Empty your closet and put all your clothes on the bed, separate your shoes on the floor and remove any other accessories that you keep inside the wardrobe. The visualization of everything you have is very important to eliminate what is no longer useful and, in this way, to organize in a practical way what is left.

2. Separate what no longer serves


The next step is to separate all the clothes, shoes, and accessories that no longer fit. Even though it is painful to admit that the clothes you love no longer look good on you, it’s time to remove from the wardrobe what you don’t wear!

The jeans that don’t go in anymore; the dress that is too tight; the blouse that shows your belly and you don’t like it; those shorts too uncomfortable to wear; the skirt is too short; clothes that are too loose or do not fit well… dispose of all these items!

Separate those in good condition into a donation pile and think of it as an opportunity to help those in need. Detachment is very important at this point, try to focus on your goal: a more practical and organized wardrobe, with space for new clothes if necessary.

3. Dispose of old and damaged items


Everyone has, inside the wardrobe, those yellowed, torn, or worn-out pieces of clothing. Pierced socks; broken necklaces; blouses with missing buttons; worn and old shoes, all of which you will mercilessly eliminate from inside your closet.

These items may have some sentimental value for you, but, let’s face it, they are only there to occupy space. Get rid of peerless socks, strapless bras, and all the items that no longer make sense.

Separate what you believe has been fixed, but don’t put it back in your wardrobe! Take it to a seamstress, shoemaker, or tidy up yourself before storing. If you are in too bad a condition for salvation, discard!

4. Separate what is uncomfortable

We already talked a little about eliminating what is no longer useful, or that you have not used for 6 months, right? But, you must eliminate from your closet, too, those accessories, shoes, and clothes that are not comfortable for you.

Perhaps, you even use some of these things, but you always regret it later. Think, then, what is the point of keeping the item in your closet if it is uncomfortable? Some of them, we even avoid using them because they hurt their feet, they prick, they are terrible to be used for many hours… Why keep them safe, then? It is possible to find items that are more comfortable and have the same functions! Detach and eliminate everything that does not bring comfort.


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