Mold In the Wardrobe – Essential Tips for Cleaning

Nobody deserves to discover a moldy piece in the wardrobe. In addition to the bad smell, mold can end up spoiling clothes and even the closet. But luckily, some tricks put an end to mold in the wardrobe, and they still help to put this inconvenience far away.

Want to know more? Then glue here in this post we thought you realize. Come and see! Did you find mold on the clothes too?

How to Remove Mold From the Wardrobe

  • Start by opening the wardrobe and removing everything inside: clothes, shoes, accessories, boxes, and so on.
  • Then, spread your things on the bed so they can ventilate. If possible, give preference to spread the clothes on the clothesline so that they get a little sun. The same goes for shoes and other accessories, the more exposing your pieces to the sun, the better.
  • This is because the heat of the sun helps to remove moisture (a necessary condition for the proliferation of mold and mildew) and to remove the bad smell from the pieces.
  • While your clothes take a little sun, take the time to clean inside the closet.
  • You can even place your wardrobe’s mobile drawers and shelves for sunbathing. So cleaning is more efficient.
  • Then start analyzing the types of stains you have in your closet. If you notice that it is moldy, then a cloth moistened with water and vinegar is enough.
  • Make a mixture from a glass of water to a glass of vinegar. Pass this mixture through the entire cabinet, including drawers, doors, and the bottom of the furniture. Also remember to clean the top of the wardrobe and all the outside, including the back.
  • But an important detail: observe the wall where the wardrobe is leaning. It may be that your furniture is absorbing the moisture that comes from the wall, in which case, if the source of the problem is not resolved, there is little point in cleaning only the cabinet.
  • Enjoy and remove the wardrobe from the wall about five centimeters. This way, you favor ventilation behind the furniture.

Continuing with Cleaning

  • If you notice the presence of black spots on the furniture, then you are facing a mold stain.
  • The solution in this case is to use bleach. But never use the pure product without being diluted, it can stain your furniture.
  • Make a mixture with a measure of bleach for a measure of water, you can take as a reference a glass for each product.
  • Then, moisten a cloth and wipe all over the furniture, rubbing the mildew stains.
  • Leave the wardrobe open until it dries completely.

Tip: if the cabinet has a lot of mold and mildew stains, use a mask to clean it, this way you avoid allergic attacks from fungi.

Now it’s time to take care of your clothes.



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