Dramatic Waterfall Countertops You Will Want to Have in Your Kitchen Right Now

We already spoke of the functionality of kitchens, and their tendencies to gather family and friends. The occasions are many but there is always time for cooking food and enjoying meals together. This beautiful space of kitchen can be your holy sanctuary for aesthetics too if you know how to thoughtfully design it. It can definitely be something more than nightly dinners, so there is one trend that we want to speak about right now. It’s all about waterfall countertops!

The design element is so luxurious and decidedly chic that it’s simply adorable. All these marble, wooden, and plain white countetops are elevated by the cascading waterfall effect of a seemingly continuous material. This material travels from countertop to floor without a break in the surface.

Now, we have some jaw-dropping waterfall countertops just for you!

This green-and-white kitchen appears so simple and clean. The crisp color scheme and sleek shelving makes that effect and the marble countertop with the subtle veining flows to the floor creates the dramatic lengthening effect.

If you want a subtle approach like this one above, try contrasting a white waterfall countertop bar above black cabinets.

Keep enjoying the mesmerizing waterfall countertops that will serve as the best inspiration you’ve ever seen!


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