18 Brilliant Kitchen Designs With Marble Countertops

Marble represent synonym for elegance and sophistication. In recent years, marble elements are used a lot in decorating interiors and exteriors. Although they look cold, they can change the overall look of your home. They are rough blocks of natural stone which are formed in the nature, under the influence of natural phenomena and movements, because of that, they obtain their color, texture and natural surface. If once in the home you bring something that has its own character and soul, you will give soul to the whole space.

Decorative walls, shelves, countertops, a wall accented with marble or mosaic marble tiles, are only a small part of the changes that you can do at your home, and with a little bit of effort, you will get exclusive look in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, hallways or your office.

Countertops, shelves, work tables and various elements of marble in the kitchen, will not only make your new or old kitchen to be functional for longer period of time, but it will help your kitchen to be aesthetically beautiful than the remaining kitchens in the market. When choosing marble, must be given to the color used in the kitchen, but also to the remaining elements such as glass, wood, metal that need to be used properly within the overall design. See our beautiful examples below, and find out how to make your brilliant kitchen with marble countertop!


Image via Katrina Mojzesz


Image via Rob Karosis


Image via Andrea Rugg


Image via Andrew McKinney Photography


Image via Brian Gassel


Image via Ken Lauben


Image via Angle Eye Photography



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