Double the Fun with Montessori Twin Room that Inspires Play and Learning

Autonomy and freedom only this time in a double dose! We’re talking about the Montessori twins’ room. This type of room favors the learning and development of children, but there are some tricks and tricks to ensure the success of the method. 

How to plan a Montessori twins’ room?

And when the room is for twins? Well, in that case, you can already imagine that everything works in dual mode. What’s for one, it’s for the other. The first tip, in this case, even respecting the idea of ​​organization, is to set up a room with symmetry, where what is placed on one side is placed on the other, be it a table or a lamp. 

Colors should also be evenly distributed through a color palette that represents each of the children. Toys, in turn, can be shared and gathered in the same space for siblings to interact in each other’s company. And, finally, the observation of the parents is very important, especially when the children are older. Recognizing the individuality, values, ​​and tastes of each of the brothers contributes to the strengthening of personality and self-esteem. 

In this case, it is even worth adapting the room respecting the preferences of each child.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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