Domo Riñihue House by Domo Habitare + Piffardi Aravena Arquitectos in Chile

Project: Domo Riñihue House
Architects: Domo Habitare + Piffardi Aravena Arquitectos
Location: Chile
Area:  1,991 sf
Year: 2019
Photographs by: Benjamín Camus

Domo Riñihue House by Domo Habitare + Piffardi Aravena Arquitectos

The Domo Riñihue House is simply a masterful residence designed through a collaboration between Domo Habitare and Piffardi Aravena Arquitectos. It is located in Chile, on a position that has access to stunning views of Lake Riñihue.

We were facing a great challenge given the majesty and vastness of this remote landscape. We were in the first need to generate a degree of order to face the project, which is why we decided to make a contrast to this immeasurable nature, proposing a location that conquers both the longitudinal and the transverse, giving an order to the program.

The rest was to open the views of the different spaces to the privileged view of Lake Riñihue, which illuminates each one of these zeniths, integrating nature into the users’ habitat. The workforce led by a great “master builder” allowed us, since the beginning of the project, to build with people and materials mostly from the area.

The workers had to face both the impetuous weather and the difficult road to reach the ground. The supporting structure of the house is made through metal profiles and SIP panel, covered with a Zinc alum panel, which added together, provide us with sufficient stability to face the greatest requesting effort in the area, a wind of 150 km / h.

Domo Habitare


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