Do You Consider Selling Your House? Here Are The Top 3 Alternatives

A time comes when you have the urge to move out from your house in which you were living for years. It may be because of too many problems that you can’t handle about it, or you just simply want to start with the new one. Whatever the situation is, one thing is guaranteed that selling a house would never be easy for everyone. You have to deal with the property advisers or do some advertisements to attract the buyers to ease your load, to lower the price of your house to increase the demand and much more. Many construction companies in London work on this selling and buying purpose having investors at their back end. So, if you decide to sell your home, those investors will take over your home at least rate and you’ll lose your privilege of getting a nice income. There may also be a situation if the local market rates descend, your home’s value will be diminished too. And in the end, you will have to sell your home at a lower price than before.

As you know, an increase in quantity decreases demand. The same is the thing with homes. The market is the buyer’s market, resulting in for homes to take long times to garner potential buyer’s interest. So, instead of selling your home, there are many perfect and viable alternatives as addressed below:

Renting Out

If you want to be out of your current house and instead of selling it, you should consider renting it out. As it will be much more convenient for generating income. As renting home would be particularly beneficial if you want to move temporarily or for work purposes and later then, you can have your home back if you wanted. If you still have taken your home with perfect care in perfect condition, you’ll have greater chances of getting your home on rent at a considerable price.

You can also turn your house into a duplex, so that you can get income from two different tenants, almost doubling your income. It is also beneficial in terms of tax as you don’t have to pay taxes for rental incomes if taxed as personal income.  You’ll just get the monthly income as agreed with the tenants and can feel everything nice and breezy.

Try Leasing

Giving your home on lease to the tenants by remitting regular payments on set lengths of time benefits you a lot. In this case, the occupants have the option to purchase the home. It essentially generates much higher income than renting because the down payment at once gives the buyers the privilege to lessen the price. But on leasing, homeowners get the opportunity in terms of cash with higher rents giving you a nice portion of the cash.

Interim Rentals

You can also have a deal on short-term rentals if you feel pesky for the long-term rents. Such a type of rental will be for the tenants staying for quite a few days, weeks or months. Short-term rentals are paramount to offer in popular vacation localities or for business-related travelers.


There are many companies especially the construction companies in London that offer to buy houses swiftly but mostly at a concession from the market value. Although, everything has its advantages and disadvantages and it all depends upon the situation where you stand. Sometimes, selling your home is the only option left but if you have time and space then you should opt for the above-mentioned recommendations.


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Author: Maja Markovski

Maja Markovski

A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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