DIY Christmas Decorations at Home

Today we bring you a two for one. First, you will see a beautiful house with typical Christmas decorations these weeks and in the last part of the page, we have compiled a few examples of homemade Christmas decorations for you to make yourself.

This weekend most homes will install their Christmas decorations and Christmas tree. Although there are traditions and fashions, at home it is different and some opt for modern versions and follow current trends, others take out inherited and familiar ornaments, and others make their own ornaments, a more ecological way, thinking about recycling.

Depending on where we live, the ornaments can also change, for example, those who live near mountains and forests, can use remains found on the roads (pine cones, dry leaves, broken pine needles, etc. nothing to tear moss or cut branches to the trees, eh?) when they go for a walk, in the south such a walk is difficult, so we have to visit our favorite florist or nursery to get plants or flowers.

What if we all have at home is paper, new or recycled from magazines, with that and a little skill, scissors, glue, thread and a few other things we can make some very beautiful ornaments, you will see below, there are to cut and paste and also origami Christmas decorations.

When do you decorate this weekend of the bridge? Do you buy your ornaments or do you make them?











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