Decorative Ideas To Make A Modern Wooden Kitchen Warmer

modern wooden kitchen is not synonymous with coldness and austerity. A modern kitchen does not necessarily mean a “small minimalist kitchen” or “large designer kitchen”. The modern kitchen focuses on authenticity, details, color. To sum up: she prefers charm to luxury, conviviality to perfection. 

How to create an ultra-warm modern wooden kitchen?

Unlike some kitchen styles, the modern kitchen is not afraid to spawn with color and different materials. It’s very simple, the modern kitchen loves to display colors like materials to awaken its simple lines. Wooden kitchen with touches of brass for an authentic and chic atmosphere at the same time, white kitchen with slices of wooden furniture for a wise atmosphere but no less devoid of cleverly thought out details, modern kitchen with a colored or loaded section of wall shelves filled with small decorations: there is no shortage of options to make your modern kitchen appear in a warmer light.  

Niches open to the crockery for a warm modern wooden kitchen

Another creed very appreciated in the kitchen: to reveal without showing everything. To play the card of conviviality, the modern kitchen opens its cupboards and gets rid of its doors to reveal its secrets and its most beautiful crockery. Contrary to the designer kitchen – which likes to hide the better to bring out its polished atmosphere – it is not afraid to display its kit of kitchen accessories or its small decoration. In other words: she prefers charm to luxury. 

Antique furniture for a modern wooden kitchen

The modern kitchen is not afraid of mixing styles. On the contrary, it can very well integrate more design or vintage elements to appear in a more original and convivial light. Here, for example, the kitchen area is equipped with a wooden table and a few retro chairs which immediately give a general atmosphere a warmer touch.

A modern wooden kitchen with a colored wall

Another way to invest the walls in a modern kitchen: color! One or two sections of the colored wall are enough to energize a modern kitchen in need of originality. Here, deep green is associated with a modern wooden kitchen to certainly gain in personality.

A duck blue to reinforce the warm atmosphere of a modern wooden kitchen

This kitchen has captured all the codes of the times. It gives pride of place to dark wood and slender lines. Two details are strongly supported by a color that is both trendy and timeless: a beautiful duck blue used to dress the niches of a large piece of furniture at the entrance to the kitchen but also on the upper part of the credenza. A chic and warm decor as we like them!

A modern and warm wooden kitchen

Wood is a real asset for a kitchen in search of warmth. Very trendy, the wooden kitchen effectively gets rid of its rustic character to present its irresistible authentic aura and pledge of warmth. As a cupboard door, accompanied by a worktop and white walls, it embellishes this small, unpretentious modern kitchen here. 


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