Decorative Advent Calendar To Count Down Until Christmas

While the countdown to Christmas has not officially begun, the Advent calendars are gradually being revealed. A Germanic tradition inherited from the beginning of the 19th century, the Advent calendar originally appeared in the form of a small cardboard board in which 24 small numbered windows were pre-cut which were opened day after day throughout December. Far from this fixed image, the Advent calendar has become over the years a real decorative object to exhibit.

The Advent calendar is decorative

More attractive than ever, the Advent calendar takes over our interiors and deploys the range of its possibilities to keep us waiting until Christmas. If the traditional calendar remains a best-seller during the holidays, it comes back modernized, takes on volume, is adorned with a colour scheme anchored in the era and favours durability. Garland to hang, paper houseembroidered fabric bag, in the form of a candle or to fill, the design Advent calendar offers a new image to fully fit into our contemporary interiors.

How to adopt the decorative Advent calendar?

Far from being a regressive pleasure only reserved for children, the decorative Advent calendar is a natural choice in Christmas decoration. It is found hanging from the windows or the ceiling, placed on a console or at the foot of the tree. The advent calendar evolves with the trend, becoming one of the essential elements in the decor of end-of-the-year celebrations.


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