Decoration Ideas for a Bohemian Bathroom

The bohemian style is often found in the living room or the bedroom because it is a super friendly and cozy atmosphere. It is also a pretty busy decor style. You could say that the bathroom is not the room in the house in which we would put this type of decor. And yet, this everyday piece can also be decorated in a bohemian atmosphere. We will explain how in the rest of this article!

Bohemian Bathroom – Earthenware is Your Decorative Ally

In all bathrooms, whether large or small, there is one thing in common: the omnipresence of the tiles. There are some on the floor because it is more convenient to mop. There are also some on the walls to protect them. If you want to create a bohemian decor in your bathroom, you will have to take into account the tiling and you will see that it will prove to be a great ally! The idea here is to transcribe the boho atmosphere in the patterns of the tiles. We will, therefore, find cement tiles for example which will give an old side, which has a history. We can also start with an arabesque pattern that recalls the patterns encountered while traveling in North Africa or Asia.

Bohemian Bathroom – Play with Containers

The bathroom is a room where there is always a lot of things to store and it can be a decorative asset. (No mess to put away – storage!). The different arrangements of your bathroom are a good opportunity to bring a touch of decoration and therefore create a bohemian atmosphere. We can imagine a combination of old bottles for storing make-up discs, cotton swabs and all that. To this, we add boxes of different sizes for storing towels, underwear, toilet paper, etc. The boxes can be made of wood, can be mottled, can be patterned. They will bring a touch of decoration without having to add other decorative elements! Let us not forget that the bathroom must be practical daily, we are not going to clutter too much!

Bohemian Bathroom – Opt for Transparency

Speaking of size and decoration, to avoid the feeling of overflow, it is imperative to play with transparency. We’re not telling you to change your solid door with a transparent door, rest assured! In the previous section, we told you about jars. Often they are transparent, but they can be colored and therefore much more decorative. We can also think of the idea of ​​stained glass to decorate part of the bathroom window. The idea here is to mix transparency and color to provide a warm and friendly setting without overdoing it. Nothing superfluous is added, just color while transparency.

Bohemian Bathroom – the Details that Make the Difference

To finish this decorative article, we will focus on the little details that will allow you to perfect your bohemian decor in the bathroom. No need to make tons of them. The bath mat can be a real carpet in a small format. The plain leaves room for travel with motifs from the Maghreb. You can also place a few candles in warm tones on the window sill to create a warm and relaxing environment when you take a bath. Finally, there are exotic plants that are still and still relevant. They will take you directly on a trip to the tropical jungles!


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