Decoration Behind the Sofa – Sideboards & Countertops

Flexibility in the floor plan is an advantageous feature for those who like many layout options in the most diverse functions. For this reason, new buildings are increasingly betting on integrated environments, such as the dining room connected to the living room.

As a result, the sofa is no longer necessarily against the wall. This item can bring a more harmonious eye contact with a multifunctional trimmer. That way, it hides the back of the upholstery right at the entrance to the residence.

An incredible solution for those who have little space is to invest in a workbench that matches the design of the sofa to make small meals or even work. If you prefer higher banks, the role is well identified. With a desk, it is possible to form a private office in that corner.

If the intention is more decorative, the ideal is to bet on the shelves to support a cellar and/or some adornments on top. It looks amazing and it works!

The recommended is to invest in a good joinery project so that it is a custom made furniture. Remember that the height of the sideboard should not exceed the back of the sofa, but that it is aligned with it.

See these incredible suggestions on how you can decorate the space behind your sofa and get inspired here:












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