Decorating Tips on Integrated Kitchen

The kitchen is the best environment in the house to gather and chat while the meal is being prepared. But how to do this in a small and restricted space? Opting for the integrated kitchen concept. The integrated kitchens were designed to facilitate this interaction, increasing the free circulation area, and offering a more stripped and relaxed environment for the home. 

A few years ago, mainly in the apartments, the kitchen was only integrated into the service area. However, with the growing demand for American and island kitchens, the kitchen has also been integrated with the dining room, living room, balcony, and even the outside areas of the house, such as the gourmet space and the pool area.

And what was supposed to be a solution for small spaces ended up becoming an international design trend, being the choice of the heart of those who are building or renovating? Thus, the integrated kitchen guarantees more than space, it also offers visual comfort and approximation of the people who are in the house.

Tips for organizing and decorating the integrated kitchen

Having an integrated kitchen does not mean that it needs to be American, with a counter or with an island. It can maintain the traditional model, but with the differential of being free and open. What should be taken into account when thinking about the integrated kitchen is that different rooms will be interconnected, so the design and decoration need to work well together to create a harmonious environment.

The most common is to use the same or similar textures, colors, and coatings between the integrated environments. In some cases, a different coating can be chosen for the floor and walls as a way to visually delimit the environments.

Types of integrated kitchen

Integrated kitchen with dining area

A kitchen integrated with the dining room has several advantages, such as facilitating the preparation and the time to serve the meal, even dispensing with a counter in the kitchen. When decorating, remember that styles do not have to be the same, but they must be harmonious. The dining room can have that more inviting and cozy feel, while the kitchen can bring more functionality and practicality.

Integrated kitchen with living room

This format is very chosen for small apartments, as it is perfect for maintaining that interaction between family and friends, having a larger and better-distributed space. Here, the important thing when decorating is to know that the two environments, because they are interconnected, need to be balanced, but not necessarily carry the same style of decoration. This different design choice for the two environments also helps to delimit them without having to separate them by a wall.

American fitted kitchen

This is one of the most chosen options for those who dream of an integrated kitchen. The integrated kitchen with counter or counter, better known as American, can better enjoy the environment, being functional since it offers the option of the counter and stools, in addition to helping delimit the integrated rooms. A good tip is to bet on cool pendants to install on the bench. The vision for the other environments remains open and with a stylish design.

Integrated kitchen with island

The integrated kitchens with island, as well as the integrated American kitchens, gain a delimitation with the help of the counter in the center of the environment. The biggest advantage is that the island can function as a support for both the kitchen and the other environments that are integrated with it.

Integrated kitchen with laundry area

The first integrated kitchens that emerged were integrated with the laundry or laundry area. This has always been very common, due to space use. To assemble and organize this type of integrated kitchen, it is great to have cabinets designed to optimize the environment, preferably in similar styles such as, for example, an industrial kitchen and a modern laundry room, with stainless steel parts.

The interesting part of the kitchens integrated with the laundries is that it is always possible to install a sliding door between the rooms so as not to expose the service area unnecessarily.

Check out some inspirations from integrated kitchens to help you assemble yours:











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