Decorating Tips For The Reading Corner On The Living Room

You don’t need to have a giant library at home to dive into the world of books. reading corner in the living room is already an excellent opportunity to be closer to everything that books can offer. 

And best of all, you don’t have to spend a lot or make major adaptations to the environment. With simple solutions, the reading corner in the living room gains shape and a unique charm. 

Tips to get your project off the ground

Тhe corner

As its name suggests, the reading corner in the living room is a corner.

The idea is that it does not take up a lot of space, preferably taking advantage of some poorly used area or that does not interfere with the functionality of the environment. 

It’s also nice to think of a place that receives natural lighting during the day, so reading flows better and you, or anyone in the family, need to “force” your vision.


Speaking of light, the reading corner should be well lit, either naturally or artificially, especially if the intention is to read at night. 

For this, invest in pendant lamps that should be positioned next to the armchair or sofa, at a minimum height of 50 to 70 centimetres away from the book, so that the light does not generate shadows, making reading difficult. 

You can also bet on floor lamps or hinged wall lamps, so it is easier to control the height of the lamp according to who is doing the reading. 

The colour of the lamp is another important detail. The white light lamp, considered cold, is indicated for work and study readings, as it favours focus and concentration.

But if the intention is to create cosy lighting to read a book and relax, bet on warm yellow coloured lamps.

You can even use dimmers to regulate the light intensity and adjust it according to your needs.

Blanket and pillows

The reading corner in the living room is only complete with a warm blanket and a good pillow to support your back or legs. 

You can use a basket next to the armchair to accommodate these accessories or even keep them on the armchair as a form of decoration.

Space for books

The reading corner in the living room needs books, do you agree? So create a space where they can be organized and kept available.

The most practical and simple way is to use shelves or niches, mainly because these elements verticalize the decoration, saving space in the environment. 

If your living room is large, you can bet on a bookshelf or closet to organize your books.

Do you like a more unpretentious and irreverent decoration? Then arrange the books in a pile or inside a crate.


Need to have plants in the reading corner in the living room? Not. But shall we agree that they always make everything better? 

Plants bring a warm and welcoming atmosphere, as well as inspire more peaceful and relaxing environments. 

You can even set up the reading corner in the living room in the middle of an urban jungle. But if it’s too much, just one vase makes all the difference.

Check out more ideas for a reading corner in the living room. Follow the images below and get inspired:








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