Decorate Your Home With a Beautiful Mirror

Good light reflection in the mirror can achieve a visual sense of a larger space. In addition, the mirror is versatile decorative element because, in addition to its basic functions, successfully fit into any decorating style and goes with all colors. Position mirrors in space is crucial for achieving additional luminosity and brightness of space.

Mirrors in addition to its practical character, the correction area, have a special decorative character, give special deep space and bring light in the darkest parts of the room. Mirrors can be combined in many different ways in the space. Couple mirrors of different shapes and designs, with a simple frame, you can set at the same wall, taking into account the proportion of elements in relation to the size of the wall.

This decoration can be an interesting detail in the living room above the cupboard or in the entrance to follow the line of the staircase. Do not place a small mirror on a large wall because it does not achieve the effect you desire because of the disproportionate relationship of dimensions of the mirror to the wall. The most ideal solution for placing mirrors in space, is some interesting and unique mirror design, with unusual forms and larger dimensions, which will be the central decoration on one wall of the room. Today the market have a huge selection of frames, different designs and materials, from simple reduced forms, through glamorous stainless steel to fancy colored gold. Is up to you to choose which you like according to your own style.


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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