Create Your Own Urban Jungle at Home

Welcome to the jungle, baby! This is the era where plants reign supreme inside houses. 

Urban jungle decor came to spread green everywhere. And if you also live on this planet, you must have seen numerous references to this style. 

But what wave is this? Why are plants gaining so much prominence in decor? Want to find out more about this trend that has nothing to do with passing by? So glue it here with us. 

What are the benefits of an urban jungle?

Connection with nature and sustainability

Have you ever heard that we can only take care of what we know and experience? This is very true when talking about urban jungles and sustainability. 

When growing plants at home, care for nature and the living beings that compose it becomes more evident and necessary. 

It is practically impossible not to change the look at the environment in its entirety. 

You can bet that in every house that starts to have a small collection of plants, soon there will be a compost bin, some reusable bags, more ecological cleaning products and so on. 

A more beautiful house

How to deny that a house with plants is much, much more beautiful and with personality? 

They fill spaces that until then were empty and dull. Not to mention that they are perfect to complement the colour palette of the decor.

Plant Therapy

Plants become a living agents of decoration, making their environments different each season. 

In spring and summer, plants reveal new shoots, foliage and branches. In winter, in dormancy, they show us that we need to go slower, breathe, be patient and follow the natural rhythm of life. 

The act of observing plants grown indoors is an enriching experience that can help many people with anxiety, depression and other psychic disorders. 

Pure and fresh air

Did you know that plants can renew the air of impurities and substances harmful to health? That’s right! Several studies prove this benefit of plants for air quality. 

Pollution and cigarette smoke are easily eliminated by them. In addition, plants also help to regulate the humidity and microclimate of environments. 

A hobby

The COVID-19 pandemic came to show that human beings love gardening. It is no wonder that during this period, what was most seen out there were people growing plants and starting mini gardens indoors. 

And even after the apparent end of the pandemic, this hobby seems like it won’t leave us. Plants are here to stay.








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