Cool Office Designs to Inspire You to Make Your Own Creative Work Environment

Business as usual is actually very over-the-top unusual in the follow office designs, that are as far from run-of-the mill, uninspired office environments. The majority of the companies that make this list are in the tech, design, and entertainment industries. These industries in and of themselves thrive on staying ahead, on innovation, and on creativity. It only stands to reason, then, that they foster what is referred to as “Creative Office Cultures” in order to ensure that their staff can produce the best possible work. So here are the companies with the most unique office designs that we think make going to work look like a whole lot of fun.

Google, California, U.S.A.


Most of us are really just concerned with keeping up with the latest technological developments and some may dabble in the basics of creating our own websites and personalized email addresses, while the rest of us rely on a provider like this to do all of that for us. However, companies like Google and other tech giants are constantly thinking 100 steps ahead, thinking about what we may need and rely on well before we even know to think of it. In order to stay ahead and to remain the best in the industry, they need some of the brightest, most creative and innovative minds working for them.


In order to generate an environment that facilitates cutting-edge work and an ethos of innovative and creative thinking, Google has fashioned one of the most stimulating and entertaining work environments to date. Equipped with natural elements like trees and rocks, to work areas that simulate air balloons, cars, bee hives, as well as slides to move between floors, fully stocked kitchens, a gym, presentation rooms with comfortable seating, rooms that encourage play as well as work … the list quite literally goes on and on. Since Google is #3 on the most powerful brands in the world list, we would say their creative office culture is working quite well for them.

Corus Entertainment, Ontario, Canada


Canadian company Corus Entertainment follow Google’s lead by incorporating whacky designs, including a slide that spans three floors. Everywhere you look in the office is thriving with color, and drab boardrooms and office space is replaced with colorful and comfortable alternative work spaces. Collaborative areas are everywhere, encouraging an interactive atmosphere instead of an independent and reclusive work one. As if that wasn’t enough, the building is located directly on the Toronto waterfront, and is completed with a man-made beach. Sun tanning during your lunch break? Yes please!

Inventionland Design Factory, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.


You just know that with a name like Inventionland Design Factory, it has to be exceptional – and it absolutely is! Office space is created in the form of concept rooms bordering on theme park proportions, which include an indoor treehouse and pirate ship atop an indoor lake, as well as a kitchen that bares resemblance to the board game Candyland, among many other cool designs. Not only inspiring work creativity, but allowing work and life balance, the concept rooms also include a pet shack and a children’s nursery, cutting out added hassle of finding pet or childcare solutions.

Obviously these aren’t exactly ideas that you can implement in your own home office design; however, they might just give you that inspirational launching pad to add a few creative elements to your own home office design. To put it simply, if you are in an industry where you need to think outside of the box, then you need to work in an environment that thinks outside of the office cubicle.


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