Classy & Trendy- 16 Floor Design Ideas Made Of Epoxy Resin

Interior design begins with the selection of the flooring. They represent the largest piece of decorating one room and affects the final appearance of it. Once installed, it will remain very long. For that reason, you need ti choose carefully your flooring.

Epoxy resin or, more correctly, decorative resin, is high quality material for floors and walls, and other surfaces. It differs from other coatings in that it is more elastic and stronger than almost all other materials, and can be decorated in almost limitless ways. The advantage of epoxy resin is there is no fugue, and it is extremely easy to maintain the floor from such material.

Epoxy resin has become a trendy flooring in the living areas, especially on floors that require durability, resistance to chemical influences, heat, corrosion and easy maintenance, as well as input in the hallways and kitchens. Epoxy resin is placed in layers, from the base coat to the final varnish. Depending on the type of material selected, it go from 4 to 6 layers. The recommendation is when you want to setup high decorative resin, to engage exclusively experts! Epoxy resin is in the category of warm floors (as flooring), and has all the characteristics of solid floors. If you are in doubt whether to choose epoxy resin as your floor, we suggest you to do that. In addition you can see some beautiful examples, that maybe will inspire you to set epoxy floor in your home. See them and make decision!


Image via Alistair Tutton


Image via Esther Hershcovich


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