Classic vases for spring bouquets

Few things lift a room like a bunch of fresh flowers in a beautiful vase. We list seven classic vases that will brighten up your home – from budget to luxury!

A classic vase is a must during the summer months when we like to decorate our homes with beautiful flowers. We have collected seven vases for all tastes so that you can find your favorite.

Below we list the most beautiful timeless vases!

1. Lyngby vase glass Copenhagen green – Lyngby Porcelaen

An elegant feature of the interior with its ribbed design and cylinder-shaped body. The rich green shade of the glass vase helps to highlight both colorful flower bouquets and dried twigsbeautifullyy. Place the Lyngby vase as a colorful eye-catcher on the dining table or as an elegant sculpture on the bookshelf.

2. Urn vase – Marimekko

Urna vase is designed by Carina Seth-Andersson for Marimekko. Carina Seth-Andersson is a designer who is mainly known for creating beautiful and stylish vases. Perhaps the most famous is the “Dagg” and “Pallo” vases. For Marimekko, she has created a collection with both textiles and vases, including Urna. The urn is a slightly lower vase in mouth-blown glass that goes just as well with the wild summer bouquet as with a few simple sprigs of green.

3. Ernst glass vase – Ernst

The budget favorite!

The simple and stylish ERNST glass vase Ø 24 cm is designed by the creator and designer Ernst Kirchsteiger. Fill the round glass vase with a cut bouquet or a bundle of nature’s lovely twigs and just enjoy!

4. Alvar Aalto vase ready – iittala

Alvar Aalto’s clear vase from Iittala was designed as early as 1936 but always feels modern. The vase is an excellent example of a good Scandinavian design and is an excellent gift to give away. The vase is mouth-blown at the Iittala glassworks in Finland and is perfect for a beautiful flower bouquet.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

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