Vietnamese Vases

Vietnamese vases are those vases finished in the varnish that has ceramic production so their coloring has a stained appearance. This characteristic is due to the pigmentation reactions in contact with heat and the application of two or more colors in the manufacturing process.

They are a great piece to decorate your home both indoors and outdoors, as they transform the design of the environment in a harmonic way with its simple form and with high-quality material. They are also great for protecting any type of plant, as they are key pieces to bring nature to the place. There are many options for models that fit all styles and proposals: deep, shallow, tall, square, oval.

With its delicate and differentiated finish, it allows the decoration with Vietnamese vase to go from modern to rustic if the ceramic is apparent and colorless. Vietnamese vases are resistant and maintain their color regardless of the environment or climate.

It is widely used for outdoor areas such as the garden, pool area, and even apartment balconies. Due to its durability and being able to be exposed to the sun, it is nice to make a composition of vases in different sizes and formats. We recommend large vases in shades of green to create a cozy and clean style. For indoor spaces, the smaller, black Vietnamese vase looks elegant and matches any neutral element in the room.

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Author: Renata Kralevska

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