Circle House by Kichi Architectural Design in Tsukuba, Japan

Project: Circle House
Architects: Kichi Architectural Design
Location: Tsukuba, Japan
Photographs by: Ippei Shinzawa

Circle House by Kichi Architectural Design

The Circle House in Tsukuba, Japan is an outstanding contemporary residence wrapped in a tall white facade that creates an illusion of a structure on three levels.
It was designed by Kichi Architectural Design for a couple with three children. The interior of the home is laid out in an open floor plan with a minimalist look.

The façade creates the image of three overlapping circles rising up from the expansive lawn. A refreshing energy seems to ripple outward across the lawn. The interior blends a tatami-floored Japanese space with a modern-vintage space. The white walls surrounding the indoor space maintains privacy while allowing for plenty of sunlight.

The outside circle is a wall most. The 2nd circle is a wall in the balcony on the 2nd floor. The 3rd circle is a wall in a flat roof. This building is 2 story. What materials did you use throughout? I gave an outer wall a coat of 2 colors of paint on the mortar.(Transparency and white) A wooden board was stuck on the part of the outer wall. Where is the property located? What part of Japan? Tsukuba City is the place to take one hour drive from Tokyo. The Tsukuba, there are a lot of laboratories and universities. It is a town that city and country are mixed. This house is situated in a location that it takes 10 minutes by car from the center of Tsukuba City.

Outer wall of the timber is Western Red Cedar. This wood has the fire performance and antiseptic performance. Black paint is a natural paint for external. What are the floors made from inside the house? First floor of the floor is oak. Second floor of the floor is pine. Natural paints have been painted on the floor material. What type of metal did you use for the kitchen units and benches? Framework of the kitchen is wooden. Mortar has been painted on the surface. Cooking work part was paste the stainless. Bench is made of teak from Indonesia.

Kichi Architectural Design


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