Choose the Right Sofa for Your Living Room

If we made a point about how essential is the living room and how it is the heart of all decoration expectations, then you should stick around! Today we’ll be focusing on the living room sofa. Trends change, fashion passes so we want to offer a little point style that tells you something else. We advise you to opt for a clear sofa. A light gray, an off-white or a very pale frosted blue, a light living room sofa will allow you not to get bored and especially to have a harmonious living room no matter what style of decoration you associate with it.


You do not like too busy decor, if you are a fan of very Nordic atmospheres that can be seen passing on Instagram, the linen sofa is made for you! Due to its soft color and its crumpled appearance, it returns a lot of softness and soothing. So the mind is rested and the overview of your living room is not too busy. There are linen sofas with more flashy colors but I recommend lighter colors or even white if you want aerial decor.


The velvet sofa made its appearance some time ago and has won over many of us! We love its art deco side, trendy and perfectly in tune with the times. Be careful not to get bored or choose a color that really matches your decor. You will take less risk by adopting a curry, amber or even forest green velvet sofa. Pink is my favorite but for once it’s really daring!


All that is very nice but you are going to tell me that you have a horde of children and that the decor is great but you do not want to take the lead? Then the leather sofa is for you. It was thought until then completely old-fashioned and belonging to the 80s but nay! The Chesterfield type of leather sofa appeals to industrial decor lovers! Precisely I discovered Maison Saulaie which develops and reissues strong decorative pieces such as the Chesterfield sofas. Quality materials and artisanal know-how for a hyper-qualitative result.


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