Choose the Most Fitting Bathroom Plants

Plants liven up the house and can even be used in the bathroom. This space, which is often neglected in decoration, can benefit greatly from a simple green vase. Learn more about bathroom plants:

The presence of plants in the bathroom makes the space cosier and more welcoming, renewing and purifying the air, not to mention adding charm and beauty to the decoration.

Feng Shui gives you one more reason to put plants in the bathroom. According to the ancient Chinese technique of harmonizing environments, the bathroom is the place in the house with the greatest concentration of negative energies, where we naturally eliminate what no longer serves us. And in this context, plants have the power to filter these energetic impurities.

But pay attention! Not every plant can be grown in the bathroom. There are more suitable species that can adapt to the specifics of this place in the house.

Tips for growing plants in the bathroom

  • Give preference to species that appreciate humidity and do not suffer from temperature fluctuations with each bath;
  • Every plant needs light, even minimal, so make sure the plant gets a minimum of light. If your bathroom lacks ventilation or natural light, opting for an artificial plant is ideal;
  • Pay attention to watering. Because the bathroom is a humid place, the plant may need less watering than usual. Always check the soil in the pot before watering;
  • Opt for foliage instead of flowers. They are easier to grow and better adapted to bathroom conditions;
  • Prefer a plant that is already mature to grow in the bathroom. Very small seedlings may have trouble growing and staying healthy in the environment;
  • Water, fertilize and prune your bathroom plants like any other houseplant;
  • Aromatic plants such as lemongrass and citronella release pleasant aromas when in contact with the hot steam of the shower, making them good options for this type of environment.

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