9 Species of Bathroom Plants That Would Fit Perfectly

The presence of plants in the bathroom makes the space more cozy and welcoming, renews and purifies the air, not to mention that they add charm and beauty to the decor.

Feng Shui gives you one more reason to bet on plants in the bathroom. According to the ancient Chinese technique of harmonizing environments, the bathroom is the place of the house with the highest concentration of negative energies, it is there that we naturally eliminate what no longer serves us. And, within this context, plants have the power to filter out these energetic impurities.

But beware! Not every plant can be grown in the bathroom. There are more suitable species capable of adapting to the particularities of that place in the house.

If you are interested in having a green bathroom in your home check out the tips below. We will tell you the care you need to keep your plants always beautiful and introduce you to 37 different species that can be grown without fear inside the bathroom.

Tips for growing plants inside the bathroom

  • Prefer species that appreciate humidity and do not suffer from changes in temperature with each bath taken;
  • Every plant needs light, even if minimally, so be sure to ensure a minimum amount of light for the plant. If your bathroom has no ventilation or natural lighting, the ideal is to opt for an artificial plant;
  • Pay attention to watering. As the bathroom is a humid place, the plant may need less watering than usual. Always check the soil of the pot before watering;
  • Opt for foliage rather than flowers. They are easier to grow and adapt better to bathroom conditions;
  • Prefer a plant already developed to grow inside the bathroom. Very small seedlings may find it difficult to grow and stay healthy in the environment;
  • Water, fertilize and prune the bathroom plants like any other plant in the house;
  • Aromatic plants, such as capim santo and citronella, release pleasant aromas when they come in contact with the hot steam from the shower and, therefore, end up becoming good options for this type of environment;

Plant species to grow in the bathroom

Take note of the main species of plants to grow inside the bathroom and their main characteristics, so it is easier to define which type is best for your home:


Aglaonema does not support dry locations, so it is a great species to grow in bathrooms. The species does not require much care, just good ventilation, fertile soil, and frequent watering.



The venue is a beautiful and very delicate-looking foliage that luckily adapts very well in humid environments such as the bathroom. To keep it always beautiful, water frequently and don’t leave it exposed to sunlight.



Balm is a succulent species that thrives very well in extreme environments, where other plants would probably not do very well. And don’t be fooled by the size, although small, the balm achieves a very beautiful decorative effect for the bathroom.



To make the bathroom look like a spa, invest in a bamboo vase. The plant is resistant and grows well in indoor and poorly lit environments.



Cacti are great bathroom options. To grow them in this place, place them near the window so that they receive indirect sunlight. Attention to watering: cacti do not support excess water, the humidity in the bathroom is often enough for them. When in doubt, touch the soil and check the need for water or schedule watering once a month.



Chamaedora, also known as bamboo palm, is a plant widely used in interior decoration. This is because, besides being beautiful, the Chamaedora does not require constant sunlight, living very well in half shade.



Ivy loves moisture, shade and needs frequent watering, which makes it an excellent option for growing in bathrooms. The plant is also characterized by being a climbing plant, which can create an interesting effect in the bathroom if it is grown in this way.



Perfumed and with bluish flowers, Lavender in addition to beautifying the bathroom also helps to make it cozier. To care for lavender, keep it under indirect lighting and water only when the soil is dry.



The Peace Lily is a very delicate plant that adds a lot of beauty to the environment. A great option for bathrooms, as it does not require direct sunlight. Just be careful not to touch the flowers, as they tend to darken.



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