Have you checked out the “Queen’s Ikea” yet?

Buckingham Palace

First thing’s first. We need to dust off the stereotype that “antiquing”is something that your great aunt Beatrice does on Sunday afternoons. This practice seems to have made a recent resurgence, especially with 20-somethings over the last few years – those down-to-earth yet elegant creatures who spend their afternoon over brunch and antiquing around Brooklyn. But as National Geographic reminds us in their Top Flea and Antique Markets list, not all of us have the luxury of living in a antique hub such as New York and gracing our living rooms with victorian treasures with ease. For the rest of us, an internet connection will have to suffice as our gateway to 18th century England staples.

Have you checked out the “Queen’s Ikea” yet?

Ode to your inner royal

The hunt for genuine and affordable antiques online is a smorgasbord of options. When you’re ready to take the leap and give your home a boost from the royal bloodline, Love Antiques is able to provide a guarantee of quality and fairness that is hard to come by. Of course, this does not entail a complete makeover of your home motif (don’t swap out those Bounty’s for lace handkerchiefs just yet)! The best way to understand how to subtlety and successfully incorporate Victorian finds into your decor is to learn from the best at blogs such as The Decorologist. This time period produced some of the most elegant, beloved interior features due to the quest for beauty spurred on by the enlightenment and the appreciation for intricate workmanship. The eclectic, elegant nature that marked this period still resounds deep within our design pallets of the 21st century.

Why Victorian Style resounds so deeply with us

Call it Euro-centric, but it seems that a deep unyielding love for Victorian design still runs deep within our veins. And of course calling for a history-lesson is not out of hand, as the imperialism of the 19th and 20th centuries spread English design and culture to almost every corner of the earth. So what did Queen Victory actually have as decoration in her own chambers? Historic sources tell us that her personal motif was marked by intricate silk designs, soft color palettes and hand-painted wallpaper. As the United Kingdom thrived in the time of Victoria’s reign, the rapidly growing middle class also sought after the elegance of royal taste, resulting in a widespread culture of craftsmanship appealing to this style.

Have you checked out the “Queen’s Ikea” yet?

Style and Timelessness

The ornate, classic furniture pieces hailing from Victorian England are marked by swift, sloping designs, a bold blend of old and new English style, and detailed filigree. Loves Antiques carries a wide variety of these remarkable pieces at amazing prices. Collections range from dining tables and accent chairs, to cabinets and vases. These pieces come in multiple styles of materials and rich wood for both high and low budget browsers. Get started on the chairs page.

Have you checked out the “Queen’s Ikea” yet?


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