Casa RO by Elías Rizo Arquitectos in Guadalajara, Mexico

Project: Casa RO
Architects: Elías Rizo Arquitectos
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Area: 6,673 sq ft
Photographs by: Marcos Garcia

Casa RO by Elías Rizo Arquitectos

Casa RO is a home originally constructed during the early 1960’s in Mexico’s residential district of Guadalajara. But it wasn’t its history that caught our attention. It was renovated by Elías Rizo Arquitectosa Mexican studio, who have transformed the existing structure of the RO House to better suit the family that now calls this place their home. Every space was redefined and the open floor plan interior was upgraded with two new features to the front and rear part  of the home.
The entrance is upgraded with a brand new double height atrium while the rear area is now converted into a semi-interior space that gives way to a new sheltered exterior patio with views towards the swimming pool and backyard.

The site is located in a well stablished residencial area. This house built in the 60?s, with its straight lines, honest distribution, communication with the exterior, and usage of materials, represents the architecture of its time. All these hints help the author decipher the project and set in motion arduous work of intervening while respecting its essence.

The project consists in the restoration of the old house, which was really deteriorated. The house had several failed previous interventions, but there was a lot to rescue. It begins with the demolition of some of the adjacent areas, maintaining almost all the original flooring on the ground floor, mainly because of all the new installations. Its all about precise work demanded by these particular clients: a young family with a unique way of living and perceiving architecture.

The house revolves around two main spaces, the double height foyer and the terrace. The foyer is restored and destined to become a sculptural area. The new terrace is where the family interacts and spends most part of the day.

One of the main goals was to create a warm space distanced from current architectural stereotypes and trends. The materials used become the main protagonists of space: wood as the prevailing material in facades and interiors, or stone which was selected complement with the one already in place.

The sites orientation defines the design of the facades, a translucent skin that solves the solar radiation for the bedrooms, acquiring a duality between an open space and an isolated one.

Elías Rizo Arquitectos


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