Canto Cholul Residence by Taller Estilo Arquitectura in Mexico

Project: Canto Cholul Residence
Architects: Taller Estilo Arquitectura
Location: Cholul, Mexico
Area: 3,885 sf
Photographs by: David Cervera

Canto Cholul Residence by Taller Estilo Arquitectura

The Canto Cholul Residence is a beautiful luxurious residence located in the town of Cholul in Mexico. It was designed by Taller Estilo Arquitectura, a studio whose recent work on the Raw House project in Merida was showcased on our site. In similar fashion, both of these residences look to the contemporary style for their design however, the Canto Cholul Residence is less limited with space and appears to have a very strong connection to the nature around it.

“Humans should not try to conquer nature with technology, they should create architecture that is blessed by nature” Toyo Ito.

Immersed In a ground of 2300 m2 containing around 60 trees, is located the Canto Cholul Residence, a project that aims to create a dynamic and formal living space between nature and architecture.

Curved walls made of local stone and pigmented cement embrace the trees and give a welcome into the house, creating paths through the trees and shadows that direct the users to the main access of the building.

The residence is distributed in a “U” scheme and the social area that receives the user in a linear way: the living room, dining room, kitchen and service area with glass walls that provide a transparency to the covered terrace and to the central courtyard, a natural space that organizes and structures the project. The sequentially located rooms, even discreet in their connection to the courtyard, show their extroverted part by turning to the rest of the garden through the back, framing nature.

A set of spaces configured towards the central courtyard, which surprises by the circular movement of its cover, somehow highlighting the characteristics of its surroundings. The terrace / playground area is incorporated into the architectural program but is not linked to the building, making it a living space inserted to fulfill its function without affecting the privacy of the users.

Finally, the main room, directly related to the central courtyard, is composed of the bedroom, closet and main bathroom, all organized in such a way that ventilation and natural lighting make all the spaces pleasant both day and night.

Shined and polished gray cement, blue and black pigmented cement, polished white cement, brushed white cement, cedar wood, stone and glass make the Canto Cholul Residence a simple dwelling in its materiality.

The relationships between the built space and the preexisting landscape is emphasized through courtyards and corridors, some trees pierce the slabs to affirm the design hierarchy. The relation between ground-cover in gray cement forms the perfect frame for white cement walls that accentuate the essence of the house.

Gardens of different dimensions, different vegetation, water and stone slopes give meaning to the place, understanding and affirming its topography. A carefully oriented project where one observes the simplicity and beauty of the interlacing of architecture, memory and nature.

Taller Estilo Arquitectura


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