Cantilevered House by Adolfo Schlieper Arquitectos in Roldan, Argentina

Project: Cantilevered House
Adolfo Schlieper Arquitectos
Roldan, Argentina
3,347 sf
Year: 2021
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Courtesy of Adolfo Schlieper Arquitectos

Cantilevered House by Adolfo Schlieper Arquitectos

The Roldán house, near Rosario, integrates with nature in a green community. South-facing with open north spaces, it uses brick masonry walls on the ground floor for privacy, extending outdoors. Interior features include greenery and courtyards, enhancing the connection with nature. The entrance hides a patio, and the master bedroom enjoys privacy on the upper floor. The design creatively blends private and recreational spaces within the gated community.

The house is situated in a gated community in the town of Roldán, near the city of Rosario, where the building mass is gradually dissolving, transforming into low structures surrounded by green space and nature. Within the property, the entire length of the house faces south, leaving open space to the north to capture the winter sun and make use of the pool area in the summer.

On the ground floor, simple load-bearing planes of brick masonry with smooth joints bear the entire weight of privacy and intimate spaces. These planes become the main separating elements of the ground floor, reaching outward at their highest point, where the plane supporting the inhabitants’ private life does not want to interrupt this constant search for outdoor spaces.

Regarding the interior, circulation spaces are no longer dark and infinite but rather areas where one finds the possibility of continuing to feel connected to the outside. Certain spaces are separated by greenery attempting to enter the house in the form of small interior courtyards. This is the case with the entrance, as from the front, you have to look for it, as it is an additional subtraction to create a patio that also contains the large entrance opening to the house. This space enables privacy for the master bedroom on the upper floor, separating it from the rest of the bedrooms and the study. The bedroom appears to float towards the front, creating a significant overhang that, in turn, contains the garage on the ground floor.

On the other hand, the separate barbecue area provides the possibility of having a space for recreation and leisure outside the home, where hosting visitors is possible with views always framing the exterior boundaries.

Adolfo Schlieper Arquitectos


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