Brilliant ideas for furnishing a wardrobe in your studio

While we all dream of a space dedicated solely to our clothes, reality can quickly catch up with us. Nevertheless, the counted meters in a studio require impeccable optimization. So much so that there’s no reason not to have a wardrobe worthy of the name. Small dressing room, 1m2 dressing room and closets in a studio, see our best ideas for integrating a dressing room into a small area in pictures.

A dressing room above the bed

It is the most popular storage for small areas. Perfectly utilized here, the part of the wall located above the bed houses a custom-made piece of furniture. Framed by closed storage space, the niche overlooking the bed serves as a refined bedside table. White, brass, miniature blue and functionality, this combination unfolds the advantages to play the perfect dressing room.

A small dressing room under the roofs

Do you think that it is not possible to arrange a wardrobe in an attic studio? Think again! This architectural inclination, more or less important, is often seen as a problem, as it is likely to affect the arrangement of the furniture and the design of the atelier. However, this space is a real asset that saves space. Utilize every angle and build in your walk-in closet with full-length closet doors.

A rack like a mini dressing room

When you open your dressing room and opt for a clothes rack, integrate it directly into the decoration of your studio. So your storage space for clothes will no longer be hidden behind doors but will be highlighted by the colour of your things, but also by decorative choices. Small, easy to carry, trendy and ideal for small spaces, the shelf allows you to be creative, embellish it with good tricks and make it as functional as possible… Add an extra storage unit and voila!


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