Bread House by AZ85 Studio in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam

Project: Bread House
Architects: AZ85 Studio
Location: Ninh Thuan, Vietnam
Area: 3,175 sf
Year: 2022
Photographs by: Dang Thai Hoang

Bread House by AZ85 Studio

The house with a small area (5x18m) is the living space of four families connecting three generations, nestled in the middle of the busy downtown area in Phan Rang. It is not difficult to recognize the Bread House’s outstanding architecture among old-style townhouses because it wears a unique covering, interwoven between metal panels and green trees and flowers.

Bread House is a 4-story townhouse with a common living area connected to a small backyard and a garage on the ground floor. There are four master bedrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The 4th floor consists of 2 terraces front and back, a bedroom, a mini kitchen area, and a laundry room. Particul arly for the grandparents’ bedroom, the architect took advantage of the space behind to create a relaxing space with a wooden deck while still ensuring air circulation. We made use of every square metre to fulfil all the requirements, and the lighting is well-cared for, with many different types of lighting depending on the specific intended use. The project is also a flexible combination of living space and relaxation space because the architect has made the most of the natural light brought into each room to minimize the feeling of stuffiness and crampedness in the townhouse.

Besides, the architect also integrates green areas and interiors to transform the house into a miniature resort, creating a sense of comfort and relaxation for the residents. Moreover, the highlight feature of the bread house is the iron lattice panel on the main facade of the house.

The house is located in the west, and with the typical hot and sunny climate in Phan Rang, we have used 5 layers of green trees in the facade, an iron lattice system, glass door frames, and 2 layers of curtains. This component stretches from the 2nd floor to the roof top of the house, creating a green cover while still ensuring the aesthetics of the building.

-Project description and images provided by AZ85 Studio



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