Bolig Ekstrand House by Borve Borchsenius Arkitekter in Telemark, Norway

Project: Bolig Ekstrand House
Architects: Borve Borchsenius Arkitekter
Location: Telemark, Norway
Area: 2.906 sf
Photographs by: Vegard Giskehaug

Bolig Ekstrand House by Borve Borchsenius Arkitekter

Borve Borchsenius Arkitekter, a Norwegian studio, has completed the design of a beautiful modern residence situated in the town of Stathelle in Telemark, Norway. The Bolig Ekstrand House has access to stunning views from all of its living areas placed within 2,906 square feet. The materials that the building is made of have been selected to provide the owners with low maintenance requirements, and of course, protect them from the elements.

The single family house at Stathelle in Bamble, Telemark is located in a new residential area at Ekstrand that was established in the end of the 90s. Important premises for the project was the unique views from the plot, large height differences in the terrain, areas of nature conservation on one of the sides of the plot, and the relationship to the surrounding houses.

Further on the area regulation demanded adjustments concerning the shape of the roof and the building type, the clients wish to use low maintenance materials and view and sun direction was leading elements in the design process.

Cedar wood was chosen for the exterior cladding, as it has a natural resistance to rot, fungi and weather conditions, and it can stand without any treatment up to forty years. It gives a beautiful and noble surface that quickly attain a silver-gray patina. The masonry is continuing the expression from the surrounding white houses, only made in a maintenance friendly material.

The main wing of the house is placed towards the end of the plot. It is perceived as very light and open from the inside, while from the outside, seen from the sea, it fits the old neighboring buildings with it’s gabled roof. On the other part of the house, where it faces some newer houses, it takes a more modern shapes, and respects the view and sun conditions of the neighbors.

Borve Borchsenius Arkitekter


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