Blue Bedroom Ideas – Shades From Teal to Navy

When asked which color would you paint your bedroom, we would always root for BLUE. The tranquil mood that this color set is the perfect one for your space. First of all, it’s a color that chimes with the sky and the sea, has a deeply calming effect and complements other shades beautifully. If you want to start using this color, you should know something about it. Blues wide spectrum of shades, from the palest dusky blues to deep inky blue-blacks. All these shades will cocoon you immediately.

When speaking of your decorating scheme you should know a couple of things. First, if you have high ceilings and/or large windows they will allow plenty of light. Second, you should be daring enough to paint the walls with a dark blue and add some modern accent tones of grey or pale pink.

By using these color shades of blue you can create an airy feel in your bedroom, a rustic feel or a beach-inspired makeover.

1.Paint the walls deep blue for an inspiring bedroom workspace


  • Deep blue walls and whimsical paper make it all calm but also they inspire creativity.

2. Coastal stripes in blues, neutrals, and greys

  • Immerse yourself in a laid-back scheme inspired by the seashore along this look. Feature some fluid outlines and coastal colors such as marine blue, sand, and pebble grey.

3. Combine lupin and cornflower blues

  • You should team a deep indigo blue with purplish coneflower blues for a gentler look in the bedroom scheme. Adding some textural woods and plenty of soft textiles will get a more comfortable lived-in look.

4. Get the tropical look with a mix of blue and green

  • “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight..” – You know the lyrics of the song going. So why not use a jungle print as a backdrop to your own rainforest retreat.

5. Use blue almost as neutral

  • Do you know that maximalism is a huge thing right now? Still, the clashing of prints and patterns may be a bit daunting so play it safe by using a white backstop.

6. A classic combo of white and midnight blue

  • What can we say more of this combo? Absolutely nothing! The perfect blue shade with the white color is just the best!

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