16 Fascinating Ideas For Blue Stress-Free Bedroom

The color of the bedroom can affect the levels of stress. Are you constantly stressed and do not know how to deal with it in the end? When it comes to relaxation, we often light up aromatic candles and fragrant wands to relax as much as we want. However, sometimes this is not enough, and according to the latest research of interior colors of our bedroom has a huge impact on our mood, dreams and stress.

Believe it or not, the color recommended for the bedroom is – blue. It can affect the quality of sleep, but also the overall mood. The researchers conducted an experiment involving hundreds of people: one group was sleeping in a blue room and the other in white. It has been proven that people in the first group slept for eight hours and were well in the morning after waking, while the other group did not show so. The calming effect of blue comes from its abstractness, that is, the fact that it connects with the sea or the sky. However, scientists have discovered that it is actually a special receptor in our eye, more precisely the retina – ganglia cells that are more sensitive to blue. So, we hope that now is clearer why you need to turn the bedroom into this beautiful color that has a large number of different shades. If you can not set blue to prevail in the bedroom, then for the beginning it will be enough to enter a blue decor!


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