Restaurant Design Project by Anastasia Panibratova at the Radisson Collection Hotel in Moscow, Russia

The restaurant of modern Thai cuisine – the Black Thai – designed by the architect Anastasia Panibratova, has opened in the Radisson Collection Hotel, 2/1 Kutuzovskiy Avenue Bld. 1, Moscow, Russia. The restaurant of Alexander Rappoport moved here from Putinkovsky lane, where it had been operating since 2014 (the previous design of the restaurant was also made by Anastasia Panibratova).

As for the cuisine, it remains fantastic, and the interior design has been based on the complex new space. Nevertheless, it retains its recognizable individual style and fits harmoniously into the historical ensemble of the Radisson Collection Hotel. Anastasia’s brilliantly fit in design the two cross entrances, a staircase to the second floor, a lot of passages – all that usually creates problems in the interior, now is organically blended into the space.

The main part of the first floor is occupied by a bar counter – a powerful golden dragon in a form of spiral. If you look at it from the balcony on the second floor, you’ll notice that the spiral of its body forms the “golden section” – the ideal standard of harmony and proportions. At the same time, the tail of the magic dragon makes a single luminous vertical with the bronze chandelier, which the interior inherited from the architects Arkady Mordvinov and Pavel Krasilnikov, who built the “Ukraine” hotel (previous name of the hotel).

Black Thai is a sensual and somewhat of a mysterious place. Lighting and interior items are just an unassuming framing of the true heart of the restaurant – delicious food. The hall is black with gold ornaments, and each table is illuminated with its own personal lamp to make an emphasis on the bright, colorful, and beautiful Pan-Asian cuisine.

At the entrance, there are huge double columns, each looks like a dome-stupa of a Buddhist temple turned upside down. They glow from the inside, promising full immersion in the mysterious world of Pan-Asia. Anastasia Panibratova remained true to herself and chose not just red color for the columns, but the color of Ferrari from Formula 1. Yet another argument in favor of passion and sensuality of the interior design of the restaurant.

The columns at the entrance and the famous Ganesha are clearly visible from Kutuzovsky avenue. Ganesha is faced to the street and invites guests to come inside and feel the spicy atmosphere of Thailand.

National symbols of Pan-Asia create the special atmosphere inside the restaurant. Here you have the Dragon, and Ganesha, and oriental ornaments on the walls and ceiling.
“In the space, we used a huge number of authentic items brought from the heart of Thailand. We bought a lot of antique decoration items, the plane full of sculptures of lions, elephants, vases, wooden horses, warriors and even two huge iron chairs, that once were used by the Thai nobility to sit on the backs of elephants and strut around. So we wouldn’t feel “cold” among all of that wealth, we have placed a lot of palm trees that immerse us in the atmosphere of Thailand already at a tactile level”, says the architect.

The myriad of red lampshades look like flames, they uprush as if to say, “it will be spicy here!” Very hot and sexy! Huge silk tassels restrain the passion of fire, balancing the space. It remains an architect’s secret, how a historical chandelier in the Art Deco style turned into a charismatic Thai lamp without dismantling. On the mirrors, glowing in the late afternoon sunlight of Thailand, Thai women are depicted in a sensual dance. It seems that you are a part of the never-ending celebration of life!

In the evening, I want to keep that feeling of celebration, and therefore a place for a DJ was made, so, the space in front of the bar counter can be easily transformed into a dance floor.
“Usually guests don’t like to sit at the bar, but we managed to make the bar counter the focal point. In the bar you can see the harmonious work of bartenders and a “dance” of the chefs in the open kitchen”, says an interior designer Anastasia Panibratova.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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