Black In The Bathroom- 10 Proofs That It’s Always A Great Idea

The colors we choose for the bathroom are influenced above all by our personal sense or taste, but we should not ignore the trends. And they demand, amongst other things, that the bathrooms are more than a functional room and that we dare to bring in black. And not just in accents.

Just like in fashion design, also in interiors, black always have its place. But there will always be those who will not give up this non-color, dark neutral nuance, which, at the same time offers simplicity, dramatic atmosphere, mystery, depth, clarity and elegance. Black can be found today in any part of the bathroom equipment, and it is not uncommon for this color to dominate the space. The most common combinations with black are all shades of gray, white, gold, silver and copper coatings and bright wood. Such trends are present in kitchens. You can actually put black in small bathrooms, but in that case it must not dominate, but in the form of accents. Adding gold or silver will give you the impression of luxury. If you choose a black floor covering, the walls should then be filled with bright tiles, or those with a pattern or mosaic. This combination ensures that the room optically looks larger and the black tiles give an interesting, elegant accent.


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