An easy and elegant way to bring the Christmas spirit into the home

Christmas has already arrived in our cities and stores, it will not take long to arrive in our homes and it is time to go looking for inspiration.

To some, it may seem soon but in terms of seeking inspiration and planning it is not. At this point, all the hypermarkets, decoration and DIY stores and, of course, specialized magazines already have everything they need to enjoy this Christmas season available to their customers.

Every home is a world and the decoration we choose for Christmas is also.Β In some houses, not even a piece of nougat enters, much less a decorative ball, in others quite the opposite, Christmas tree, nativity scene, little lights, marzipan… everything and double!Β 

Christmas decoration is also usually different if we live in the north, where it is colder or in the south, where we enjoy many hours of sunshine, but it is not key for what each one decides, at this point, there are as many types of decorations as colours in the world.

The one that we show you today is that of a Danish house that has been inspired by winter landscapes and frosty days, ice blue tones that are repeated in all the rooms and accessories of the home, from decorations and the Christmas table, even on the walls.

It is a very light and subtle Christmas decoration, perfect if we like inconspicuous details and that integrate well into minimalist and light-coloured settings.






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