American kitchen with a small living room inspirational ideas

The American kitchen with a small living room is here to stay. It’s unanimous in virtually every new home or apartment project these days.

But why? What does American cuisine have that others don’t? Wants to know? So stay with us and learn all about American cuisine and why it should come home too.

What is an American kitchen?

For all its recent popularity, American cuisine isn’t all that new.

This kitchen model was created in 1930 under the influence of modern architecture. But it was only in the post-war period that it gained strength and popularity, especially in American homes, hence the name.

American cuisine was born with the aim of breaking patterns and seeking a new way of life, more integrated, convivial and receptive, following the new lifestyle that emerged during this period.

Why an American kitchen with a living room?

More integration

The key feature of American cuisine is integration. This model completely breaks with the previous kitchen model, where the space was closed and isolated from the rest of the house.

With the new proposal of modern architecture, this space began to be valued, no longer a service environment, to take the status of a social environment.

The integration provided by the American kitchen allows the person preparing the food there to engage in a conversation with the person in the room or simply follow what the child is watching on TV.

This integration reflects socialization and contributes to a better quality of life.

More room

Believe it or not, an American kitchen, even if it’s small, can offer a much greater sense of space and spaciousness. And this is great for those who have a small house or apartment and need to estimate the floor space of the house.

All these are thanks to the elimination of the wall separating the two environments. In this way, instead of two spaces, you have one, wider, integrated and connected.

Greater luminosity

Another advantage of the American kitchen is the amplification of light. That’s correct! With this type of kitchen, the light does not hit the barrier or physical boundary of the wall and can make the environment clearer, fresher and airier.

And everyone knows that illuminated environments also look bigger than they really are.

Modern look

As it should be, the American kitchen with a small space always reveals a modern aesthetic that, depending on the project, can be either on the side of elegance and refinement or on the side of simplicity and relaxation.

The fact is that this type of cuisine is far from outdated. On the other hand. The trend is that the American kitchen is getting even more space and new decoration options with ever-smaller houses and apartments.











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