Amazing Models, Designs and Photos of Wall Bars

For those who like to gather family and friends at home, the idea is to consider the right place in the project to house drinks for these moments of fraternization.

One of the spaces sought to house small bars are walls that have no definite use and can be used to house compartments, shelves and beverage cabinets. Gourmet balconies can also be adapted to create this unique space in decor.

In addition to the space for bottles, it is interesting to compose with related objects such as glasses, cups, openers, corkscrews, buckets, and others. On the wall, thematic paintings can make this corner more fun and relaxed. Other types of objects can be combined according to the taste of the residents.

Wall bar: models and photos to be inspired

If you are looking for a smart and creative option when planning this space, it is recommended to search extensively for references from different projects. We facilitate this work by gathering the best references for this type of bar. Check out the images below:











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